Covestro is a global leader of extruded thermoplastic sheets that can be used in diverse and innovative applications. With extrusion facilities around the globe sheet products are produced to consistently high quality standards.
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Our sheet company in Tielt, Belgium, is a center of expertise in the field of plastics processing within the Covestro group. The company produces solid transparent plastic sheets, marketed under the trade names Makrolon® solid sheet, Vivak®, Axpet®, Bayloy® and Bayblend®.These sheet products are used in a wide variety of sectors such as the industry, construction and telecommunication sector. Covestro (Tielt) is the European market leader in the field of solid sheets.

Service throughout Europe is coordinated at our central sales & marketing location in Leverkusen, Germany. An account manager is responsible for local service in each individual country. Any questions or needs? Don’t hesitate to contact us.